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This isn't your parent's advertising environment!

No, It's no longer enough to buy the broadcast networks and call it a day.  Today there are dozens of advertising options to navigate and decide how best to reach your audience.

Here are just a few:

  • Broadcast TV
  • Cable TV
  • Digital TV (like Hulu)
  • Radio
  • Internet radio (like Pandora)
  • Satellite Radio (SiriusXM)
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper print ads
  • Digital Newspaper ads
  • Facebook sidebar ads
  • Facebook sponsored stories
  • Google search ads
  • Google display ads network
  • Display ads by individual website

So what's right for you?  Are you looking to communicate with the public at large or a small sub-set?  You can still reach a lot of people by Broadcast TV, but you're reaching everyone.  If you only want to reach women in Omaha, radio or Facebook may offer the right solution.

And how are these ads priced - what's GRP, CPM and ROI?

Navigating these issues are what we do.  In the last 25 years we've purchased millions in TV and radio air time and over the last decade we've become experts at the new digital options as well.

It doesn't stop there, however.  You need a message that will cut through the clutter.  You need an interesting way to tell your story that will grab people's attention.

Our ads have earned three Telly Awards, four Pollie Awards.  But more important that winning awards, we're proud that our ads consistently help our clients reach their goals.  We work with some of the best production teams and editors in the business.  Our personal and detailed involvement in each phase of a project - from script development to production and post production to buying the airtime - helps ensure a final product that meets our client's goals.

Here's a TV spot we produced for an ad campaign promoting Ohio's Third Frontier bond issue.  We tell a story of Ohio's past being linked to today and to the future by the Third Frontier project.

Our philosophy is to persuade with metaphors and visuals. We've studied the theories that prove this approach works and we have the case studies to show it in practice!

Are you ready to share your story on the right platform using with stunning visuals and a great message?