We've handled litigation communications in literally hundreds of high profile criminal and civil trials. Our notable work includes providing media relations expertise for the largest civil litigation in world history (the historic state tobacco lawsuits), the first execution in Ohio since 1963 (State v. Wilford Berry), the largest voting rights lawsuit in American history (U.S. vs. Los Angeles County) and the litigation surrounding the 2004 presidential election and recount in Ohio. In 2013, we were called in to manage the international publicity and Internet clamor that emerged from the Steubenville (Ohio) rape trial. 

In a part-time capacity, firm founder Mark Weaver serves as felony level Special Prosecutor and as a Mayor's Court Magistrate in Central Ohio. 

Because Mr. Weaver is an experienced litigator as well as an expert in persuasion, he works closely with the trial team to build strategies that will allow the client to win in the court of law and in the court of public opinion. Mr. Weaver has trained hundreds of attorneys in how to handle the news media effectively and in full compliance with legal ethics rules. 

Our firm also helps litigators prepare for trial by conducting jury focus groups. When the stakes are high, prudent attorneys appreciate the value of testing trial strategies with sample jurors who can provide crucial insight into how a real jury will react to a case. 

Are you ready to starting winning in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law?