Weaver comments on Gee comments scandal

From WTVN radio:  

Public Relations Pro Weighs In on Gee Comments

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Controversial comments once again have Ohio State University President Gordon Gee backtracking.

"In an era of social media and internet communications even the lighthearted joke can be taken the wrong way as it is retweeted and posted on Facebook," said Mark Weaver, owner of Communications Counsel, a public relations firm.

He says Gee did the right thing by apologizing directly to those that were the target of his comments.

"Grodon Gee is an interesting personality who has done a great job for Ohio State and people love him because of who he is. You don't want him to turn into a robot and you want him to speak freely," Weaver said.

However, Weaver says Gee needs to think before he opens his mouth some times and realize that not everyone will think his jokes are funny.

"He needs to always remember the front page test which is 'if I say something how will it look on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper.'"

Weaver thinks the story will shortly blow over, but suggests Gee be a little more careful about what he says and who he says it about.

"The one piece of advise I would give him is make all of his jokes about Michigan from now on," Weaver said.