PIO Academy
for Ohio Law Enforcement

Need to be better prepared for handling reporter interviews?

You know the day is coming. The media will be calling with tough questions you aren’t eager to answer.

If you’re not prepared, the results can be costly to you and your organization. There’s a better path, one where you will spend less, increase your confidence and avoid bigger headline headaches.

Our PIO Academy for Ohio Law Enforcement covers:

·       Basics of how the media operate and rules of engagement (what you can & can’t say)

·       How editors and reporters pick stories to cover and coping with media bias.

·       Staying disciplined to your planned message.

·       How to answer hostile questions and bridge answers back to your story.

·       Best practices for developing key points for social media, newspapers, TV and radio.

Our hands-on program includes videotaped live exercises where you will be questioned by a reporter and a simulated press conference with immediate instructor feedback.

The training will be led by Mark Weaver, a national advisor on crisis communications and media relations for law enforcement with nearly three decades of national and Ohio-based experience.

You’ll even learn what happens if you attack a reporter with a garden hoe! Hint, that person did not attend our training.

Don’t be that person!


Training photos

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Evaluations from training participants

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Monday January 7, 2019

Tuesday January 8, 2019

$475 per person for two day training
$375 a person for two or more participants

Hilliard Safety Services Building 
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Hilliard, OH  43026

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