State and local government agencies in Ohio are constantly under pressure from the news media and citizens to comply with the ever-changing and extremely complex public records and open meetings law. In fact, Ohio public records law changes every year and there can be serious and punitive financial penalties for violations. 

For several years, Mark Weaver was the State of Ohio's lead litigator on all cases involving Public Records and Open Meetings law. He authored eight editions of the "Yellow Book," the official state guide to Public Records and Open Meetings law. He also authors the Public Records and Open Meetings law chapter in the annually-published legal hornbook "Baldwin's Administrative Law." Over the past two decades, Mr. Weaver has handled several landmark public records cases in the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Cleveland Plain Dealer called Mr. Weaver "Ohio's Public Records guru". 

Mr. Weaver has trained several thousand government officials on Ohio's public records law and has won awards and recognition for his teaching style. His favorite evaluation comment from someone in one of his public records law courses: "Mark was interesting, educational, and informative - you'd never know he’s a lawyer!" 

We provide on-site public records law training for half-day and full-day sessions. We bring the handouts, the projection equipment, and will tailor the material to the work of the participants. We can also work with you on a consulting basis to help revise and update the required records retention schedule. 

Ohio newspapers conduct undercover "stings" aimed at pointing out how many local government offices are in violation of public records public records law. Government offices that are improperly altering or destroying public records are subject to a $1, 000.00 per record penalty - and that doesn’t include attorney fees. 

Are you ready to learn Ohio's complicated public records law, so you won't be forced to pay thousands of dollars in legal penalties?