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When success requires the public to see things your way and reject the arguments of your critics, you need guides who've navigated these dangerous waters before. Communications Counsel has the media contacts, strategic savvy and tactical ingenuity to help you work with news media to reach your target audience. 

If you just need a press release, we're not the firm for you. A press release is a tactic. We assess and strategize first. We plan and prepare next. Then we select several tactics (maybe including a press release, maybe not) and implement and evaluate them. This integrated approach yields better, more lasting results. 

After his service as Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the U.S Department of Justice, firm founder Mark Weaver served as Vice President of a major East Coast public relations firm, working with major law firms and Fortune 1000 corporate clients. This private sector public relations experience is an important adjunct to our public sector work. 

Are you ready to start generate a lasting relationship with your public?

Consider these questions as you think about a public relations strategy:

1. Who is your audience?
Is the media your intended audience or are they a conduit for you to reach your audience?  Is your audience local or national?  Can you target them by geography or demographics?

2. How can you best reach that audience?
Many say that the "old" media is dying, but there are still few better ways to reach a large population.  But there are new tools as well, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and other digital assets.  Furthermore, these tactics lend themselves to further options: press release, op-ed, TV news story, or NPR interview are media options.  A youtube video allows you to completely control the message, but you'll need to spread the word virally.  The point here is that there are many options, any of which may be a good or bad based on your individual need.

3. Do advertising and PR mix?
Absolutely!  Public relations can help back up an ad campaign and vice versa.  The important thing is to utilize every tool available to amplify your message.

4. Do I need to be on every social network?
The short answer is no.  You need to be where your audience is.  The professionals at Communications Counsel are early adopters of many new digital tools so that we can share with our clients what might work or not work.  We've had clients active on Reddit, but that's not for everyone.  And we've had clients who have been introduced to Facebook pages after avoiding that online space previously.

5. It seems like reporters often come and go quickly, how can you create a relationship?
It's true that reporters move quickly, but thankfully there are more ways to reach them than ever.  Twitter is a great tool for meeting and creating a relationship with a reporter that you might need help from later on.  Here's one example list of reporters - mostly from Ohio - many of whom actively seek out story ideas from their Twitter followers.